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Wellness + Essential Oils + Motherhood

Team It's Essential is a community of empowered women supporting our families health and wellness with plant based goodness (also known as pure essential oils).

Let's get to know each other.  Continue below to find out more.


essential oils

What Are They? Why do you need them?


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Everyone is talking about essential oils.


We know. We hear them too.  It's hard not to notice essential oils now, they are everywhere - at the health food store, target, we have even seen them at best buy.  So, with essential oils so readily available, what is keeping you from starting? 


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A doTERRA business is a beautiful thing.


Perhaps our favorite part of having our own doterra business is the ability to run our business the way we want, when we want and how we want.  That makes this business model perfect for anyone - the stay-at-home mom, the traveling RV'ers, women working at a job that does not fulfill their purpose......we know it can be beautiful for whatever your story is.  Contact us to find out how we can help you start a beautiful business of your own.



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