The Sensual Side of Essential Oils

Happy Valentine's Day! Did you know you can use essential oils in the bedroom?! We really aren't kidding when we say "There's an oil for that!" Check out some of these awesome recipes below to boost your Valentine's Day fun.

Tips for using oils in the bedroom:

  • Safety first! ALWAYS dilute your essential oils if you plan on using them topically anywhere that's a little...ahem...sensitive. Remember, oil dilutes oil so if you do get some essential oil somewhere you don't want it to be, grab your trusty coconut oil to help get it off.
  • Latex beware. Pure plant-based oils (including coconut) will actually break down latex. We are not responsible for any essential oil baby-making.
  • Anchors away! Using essential oils as emotional "anchors" has been a favorite aromatherapy technique for many years. When it comes to the bedroom, consistently diffusing or applying a certain oil (we like ylang ylang) just before, and during, sex can actually help increase libido and prompt your body to respond just by smelling it in the future.

Wishing you a happy (and fun!) Valentine's Day!


Nikki Matthews