All Things On Guard

If you are anything like us, then you know staying healthy is just part of being proactive rather than reactive with your health.  A healthy immune system is part of keeping yourself at optimal levels,  along with daily exercise and mental clarity.  We have found that the easiest way to support our immune system is to use layers of protection. This is easy to do with the on guard line - there are multiple layers of immune support at the ready.   Check out these amazing products and how they can help support your immune system daily.

1.  On Guard Foaming Hand Wash Refill -

Add to a foaming pump bottle to keep at your kitchen and bathroom sink, and use often to keep hands clean and soft throughout the day. See #7 for more information.

2.  On Guard Natural Toothpaste -

•    Use before an evening out with your spouse to help freshen breath.

•    Safe for sensitive teeth.

•    In preparation for a trip to the dentist, use to remove plaque and stains.

•    Cleans and freshens breath.

•    Gentle enough to not damage tooth enamel.

•    Improves the appearance of teeth.

•    Fluoride-free formulation helps reduce plaque while whitening teeth.

•    Unique cinnamon-mint flavor mixed with xylitol for fresh and clean breath and toothbrush.

•    Boasts the protective benefits of dōTERRA On Guard essential oil blend.

•    Includes Myrrh essential oil which helps with cleansing.

•    Naturally whitens teeth by removing stains with gentle polishing agents.

3.  On Guard Concentrated Cleaner -

•    Add one tablespoon to a spray bottle for an all purpose cleaning spray.

•    Spray on counters after cooking with raw meat.

•    Use as a non-toxic cleaner on eating surfaces.

•    Stinky dog, gym bag, or trash can? Spray around the house to reduce odor.

•    Make cleaning simpler by using dōTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate in your dirty bathroom.

•    Use on sticky, hard to remove spots for cleaning around your home.

•    After a play date, spray or soak toys for a much needed cleaning.

•    Naturally protects against certain environmental factors.

4. On Guard Essential Oil -

•    With its unique aroma, doTERRA On Guard offers a fragrant, natural, way to clean.

•    doTERRA On Guard is an effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support.*

•    Diffuse for cleansing the air.

•    Add two to three drops in a veggie capsule for a quick immune boost.*

•    Supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses.*

•    Rub on bottom of kid’s feet during school season.

•    Diffuse in home before company arrives to help cleanse the air and add a spicy and sweet aroma.

•    Diffuse in class setting for an uplifting scent.

•    Supports healthy immune function.*

•    Protects against environmental threats.

•    Diffuse in your home or office during fall and winter months.

•    Add to water for an effective all-purpose cleaner for surfaces.

•    Supports healthy respiratory function.*

5. On Guard Beadlets -

•    Keep in your kid’s lunchbox and have them take one beadlet a day during the cold winter months.*

•    Keep in your purse for on-the-go immunity support.*

•    Conveniently pop one beadlet in your mouth each day for fresh breath.

•    Convenient consumption method for dōTERRA On Guard Protective Blend.

•    Promotes healthy immune and respiratory function.*

6. On Guard Gelcaps -

•    Take on vacation for on-the-go immunity boosting properties.*

•    Convenient way to consume dōTERRA On Guard blend.

•    Give to friend and family members who need an immune-boost but don’t like the taste of essential oils.*

•    Fortify your immune system before a big event, just take one pill for five days before.*

•    Protects against environmental threats.*

•    Supports healthy respiratory function.*

•    Supports and maintains a healthy immune system.*

7. On Guard Foaming Hand Wash -

Gentle cleansers and emollients clean and soften hands throughout the day without drying or irritating sensitive skin

•    Use to wash hands before dinner.

•    If your kids have a sensitive nose, they will love the aroma of this cinnamon and citrus soap.

•    After working on the car, use this dōTERRA On Guard Foaming Hand Wash for an enhanced cleaning ability that sets it apart from other brands.

8. On Guard Laundry Detergent -

•    Use with grass-stained jerseys to help them look like new again.

•    Add to your next load of delicate clothing to help preserve the soft and delicate fabric.

•    No need to dump half a bottle to get the clean you need; simply add one tablespoon of detergent to your washer with each load for more effective results.

9. On Guard Throat Drops -

•    Features the immune-supporting properties of dōTERRA On Guard Protective Blend.

•    Take during a flight to help support your immune system.

•    Keep in purse or car for a convenient immune booster.

•    Give to teachers as a gift to help them during the cold winter seasons.

•    Use to help give soothing relief to dry, scratchy throat.

•    Use during harsh weather conditions.

•    Use before giving a speech or teaching a class.

•    Share with your theater friends before going on stage.

•    Helps calm and soothe occasional dry, scratchy throat.

Nikki Matthews