Friday Finds - Back to School Edition

If you are in education, like we are, you may not be all that excited about going back to school.  If you are a parent, you might be more excited about sending the kids back to school, but a little bummed that all the new school supplies are for the kids.  Well, either way, we've got you covered this week.  We have some back to school finds for educators, moms, and really anyone who just likes back to school shopping.

This week we fell in love with this black and white striped backpack.  Even if you are not headed back to school, this backpack would be great for trips to the gym, instead of a purse for a more casual look, or even just to keep your on-the go oils and supplies ready to go to your next class.  Of course we will be stocking up on all things on-guard.  On -Guard is doTERRA's essential oil blend for boosting immunity.  With all of the on guard products, it's like having layers of protection. Go check out THIS post for more information on all of the on guard products.  Now that we have peace of mind about our immune system, we have time to get down all those other thoughts in our head.  What better way to journal, doodle or brain dump than these pretty little notebooks? We couldn't resist these adorable Eiffel Tower scissors either, how perfect are they for all those school projects, or every day tasks (um boxtops for the kids school).  We would love to know what some of your back to school must haves are.  Leave us a comment and share what you are stocking up on or your newest favorite find. Happy Friday.

Nikki Matthews