The Touch Kit

As we are sure you can tell by now, we love our essential oils.  We incorporate them into our day for all sorts of reasons; to promote healthy respiration, to cool the body (it's really hot in the desert during the summer), to support a healthy immune system, to promote focus, for occasional skin irritations, and to promote digestive health (just to name a few).  We have found that the easiest way to incorporate oils into our daily routine is to have the oils where you will use them - this means oils for beauty routines are in the bathroom, oils for cooking are in the kitchen, and oils needed on-the-go are in your purse or bag. The Touch Kit is by far the easiest way to have your oils on the go! Plus, all of the oils in the Touch Kit come scientifically pre-diluted for optimal absorption. This also means they are safe to use on the kids without additional carrier oils. This awesome kit comes with 9 of the most frequently used essential oils that will support most of your daily needs in convenient, 9 mL roll-ons. Questions about the Touch Kit? Shoot us a message so we can help!

Wholesale: $169.00 Retail: $225.33 PV: 160

Wholesale: $169.00
Retail: $225.33
PV: 160

Nikki Matthews