Essential Oils & Kids

Often when we teach classes, we are asked how to use essential oils with kids.  Incorporating your little ones into your essential oil routine is easy.  Because doTERRA essential oils are natural and safe, you can let your kiddos be involved in lots of ways without having to worry about harsh chemicals and negative side-effects.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • let them select an oil to diffuse - you can hold the bottle and let them smell from the bottle if they don't already have favorites.
  • make roller bottles with their favorite oils, diluted with fractionated coconut oil to protect against skin sensitivity.
  • make a spray cleaner with on-guard concentrated cleaner (you may also add a drop or two of your favorite cleaning oil) and have them help spray surfaces to be cleaned, or wipe them after you spray. (mom tip - if you need to re-clean after them, wait until they are engaged in another activity)
  • talk about the oils as you apply them - "lavender oil is our favorite for relaxing at the end of a busy day, for a restful night's sleep" or "InTune helps you focus while at school or working on your homework"
  • whip up some yummy, kid friendly, essential-oil infused treats like these Granola Bars or this Wild Tropical Smoothie
  • have older children help make sample bottles to share or add the stickers to the bottle caps
  • get creative with some DIY ideas like Aromatherapy Playdough or DIY Bubbles

When you include your children in your oil journey, they learn along with you and gain a sense of empowerment at a young age.  We love it when the little ones in our lives ask for the oils they need!



Nikki Matthews