international yoga day

Yesterday was international yoga day.  If you have read our bios in the About Us page, then you know Kelley and I both practice yoga.  Yesterday my instagram feed, my facebook page and my pinterest feed were all filled with beautiful yoga images and sayings.  I thought I would share a few with you today. 

I started my yoga practice one year ago.  Just like my journey with using essential oils, yoga has taken me down a path of self acceptance, self improvement and of course self love.  My favorite yoga instructor Eileen said last night that we should thank ourselves for doing something holistic for ourselves - of course Eileen said it much more eloquently.  It got me thinking about how inter-related the journey of yoga is with the journey of using essential oils.  While on the surface, we can see that they are both good for your body and mind, when we look deeper at the journey, we find there is so much about self love and self development entwined with both journeys.  Both journeys have impacted my life so much, particularly in the past year.  I feel healthy, strong, empowered and passionate about sharing my message with others about how good you can feel!  If you are ready to start that journey and you are just not sure of how to get started, send us a message and we can set up a time to meet with you if you are in our area, or connect over the phone or chat face to face on zoom.  It's our calling to share this journey with others, and we welcome newcomers to our team with open arms.  Are you ready?

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