Friday Finds

We are not all oils all the time here (more like 98% of the time).  On Fridays we want to show you a bit more about us.  We will feature some products and ideas for you, the kids, home....really anything that is on our mind.  Because Kelley is traveling now, I'm kicking off our first Friday Finds with a few things that we have been all about lately.

It's summer vacation here and we are taking it easy at home. That means lots of swimming, reading, trips to swim with friends and of course my favorite activity when it's too hot to do anything, coloring. Spending all day in your bathing suit is pretty easy to do when temperatures reach over 100 for most of the summer.  This cute cover up from Old Navy is perfect for running to pick up lunch, or when the UPS guy comes to the door with your oils. (oh, come had to know I would fit it in some how).  While the kids are swimming, I love to grab my book and sit by the pool with them.  Right now, I'm reading Big Magic - I love me some personal development, and Elizabeth Gilbert is just amazing!  When we are out and about - usually headed to a friends house to swim or to meet up with friends at the community pool or water park (we really do spend most of the summer in the water) I throw all of my necessities (sunscreen, towels, goggles, essential oils and snacks) in my gold tote.  I grabbed mine from Target earlier in the spring.  When it's just too hot to be outside, we come in and enjoy the AC.  Without fail, it's not long before I hear - "I'm bored".  My favorite inside activity is coloring.  My sweet husband pick up THIS coloring book for me last month.  I'm totally hooked, and have THIS one and THIS one on my wish list.  Leave us a comment about some of your favorites right now, and we might feature your favorite with a shout out too!