Three Road Trip Essentials

Are you traveling this holiday season?  You are going to love these three things we just can't travel without!

We know holiday travel can be stressful, so we wanted to share some of our favorite things for road trips. 

1. Snacks and drinks - We tend to go for snacks like nuts, trail mix, granola or protein bars, but are not at all opposed to snacking on all the broken Christmas cookies that didn't make the cut all the way to grandma's house.  And we're sure it's no surprise that our favorite drink for travel is water...with some essential oils of course!  We like lemon, grapefruit, wild orange, lime and even peppermint in our water for added flavoring and health benefits and no extra sugar or calories.  Of course we would not say "no" to coffee either.  

2. Music and entertainment - Music is always a must for road-tripping, but we also like to fill our travel time with audible books, podcasts and periscopes...because we are always ready for more education and inspiration. We really like Hay House Radio and Ted Talks.

3. Essential oils - Of course we wouldn't leave home without them! And we hope you won't either.  Here are a few of our must haves:  Digestzen for all things digestion, Peppermint or Ginger for car sickness, Wild Orange and Peppermint to help keep you alert and focused for the drive, Lavender or Serenity for the kids (sleeping kids make for great road trips) and OnGuard for all the germs you are sure to come in contact with at every rest stop along the way. 

We hope this list gave you some inspiration for your upcoming road trip! Safe travels and happy holidays!

Nikki MatthewsComment