Friday Finds - Holiday Gift Giving

I know it's been a while since we have posted one of our Friday Finds, but we are back this week with some terrific gift ideas for the oil loving person in your life.  If you are the oil loving parson, maybe just leave this page open on your santa's computer, or better yet, send the link to mom & dad, and tell them you want it all. 

holiday gifts friday finds.png

We found this cute storage case for taking your oils on the go at Lava Essentials, go check them out to get yours!

This beautiful necklace is from HERE at Etsy, but we also love Lava Essentials necklaces as well!

The gorgeous wood essential oil case is also from Etsy, check out all of their custom designs HERE.

Last up, this bag has been on my list since can get it HERE at Oil Life, which also carries some of our favorite teaching tools and some beautiful diffusers.

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