My Story - Nikki

Hi' I'm Nikki, one of the founders of our little oil community and this blog.  I'm a mom, a speech language pathologist, a hobby photographer, a team leader, and really that's probably enough to make your head spin.   I am passionate about all things health and wellness, natural living, being the best version of you you can be, and living your best life.  I am constantly learning new things, and I jump into projects and ideas with ease...and pretty much figure it out as I go.  My main goal is to inspire other moms and women to be the best version of themselves, so they can be all the things they want to...a great mom, a devoted wife, a friend, a bad ass business woman....whatever they dream or inspire to be. 

Today I wanted to share a bit about my journey.  It's because of my journey that I share oils with others and that I am so passionate about empowering other moms and women to be the best version of themselves!

My journey with essential oils started as many mom's journeys do - with my kids.  In particular, my son, who at the time did not have healthy respiratory functioning.  I was fed up with the solutions that were offered by traditional healthcare, and was frankly tired of synthetic medications with more side effects than you could imagine.  One afternoon, my very calm and not aggressive at all child walked up to his baby sister and hurt her by twisting her arm so hard he left fingerprints that remained for days. In that moment, I knew there had to be a better way to support his respiratory needs than filling him with chemicals and junk.  I started immediately researching natural alternatives to support his needs.  Of course essential oils were among the top choices, so off I went to the health food store to find the oils we needed.  We started with just a few - peppermint and eucalyptus, and I would add them to his vaporizer every night.  I didn't know much more at the time, and the bottles had warning labels to keep out of reach of children, not to ingest....and more.  I was comfortable with adding them to his vaporizer, and had no idea what a diffuser was at that time. As I look back, it's amazing how much I didn't know! 

A while after that I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils, but did not attend a class or even purchase any oils at that time.  I honestly figured I was fine with what I had.  But my son continued to have unhealthy respiratory functioning.  And now my daughter had some red itchy patches of skin appearing.  During this time, we had also been working towards ditching the chemicals in our home, cleaning with natural products and cleaning up our diet as well. 

Then in 2013, I was invited to an essential oil class by a fellow teacher.  At this point, I was not really sure what I or my family needed, but I knew what we had going on was not working for us.  It was just before Christmas break, and I ordered myself a starter kit.  When it got here, I had my husband wrap it and put it under the tree.  If I had known then what I know now, I don't think I would have waited one minute before ripping open the box and cracking the seals of those bottles containing the precious oils that wouldplay such a huge part in finding the health and support we so desperately needed.  Just the 10 oils in that little starter kit in those tiny little bottles would change our lives forever. 

One of the stories I share with other moms is just how fast the oils worked to help my kids.  My son finally started having healthy respiration, and my daughter's skin began to clear up. After we had those two main issues resolving, I was able to find more ways to support them - healthy immunity, sleep and mood.  Not only did I feel empowered to address our health and emotional needs at home, I was beginning to feel knowledgeable about which oils to use when.  Then, right around this same time, something else amazing happened.  I was so concerned and then pleased with what I saw with my children, I forgot to notice what was happening with my own health and emotions.  Through modeling and examples for my children, I had been using oils too.  And then I started taking doterra's supplements.  Within the first week, I felt I had more energy.  Week after week, I was feeling healthier, with noticeable differences in my skin and hair.  This new found feeling of wellness lead me to try yoga.  Between practicing yoga, taking supplements and using essential oils to support healthy systems, I began loosing weight.  At first it was not as noticeable, but now, with more than 20 lbs lost, and my journey to a healthier me continuing, I get comments almost daily as to the positive difference I have made in not only my appearance, but also my attitude. 

To say the impact these oils have has in our lives is profound is an understatement.  I can not even imagine how our lives would be if I had not made that leap to the unknown, and trusted my gut.  I am sure that the changes we have made in our lives are for the better, and that doTERRA will continue to be an integral part in our journey to natural health and wellness.

Nikki Matthews